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The Castello Banfi Il Borgo in Montalcino, Tuscany, Italy

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Located in Montalcino, in the gorgeous Tuscany, Italy, Castello Banfi Il Borgo is open for public and guests between the months of March and November. Its superb, picturesque location is also one of the greatest spots in the world to enjoy the tastiest of food and wines.

At a two hours’ drive away from the Florence International Airport and three hours away from the Leonardo da Vinci Airport in Rome, even the roads to this magnificent place are bathed in culture, typical Italian traditions and natural beauty.

This boutique hotel, built among the fabled Castello Banfi winery estate, the renowned manufacturers of the exquisite wines of Brunello, is placed atop a hill, deep in the expansive vineyards of Banfi. It also sits on the medieval site of Poggio alle Mura, an ancient fortress, ensuring guests a simple yet luxurious stay, more like an incursion into the simplicity of times long past.

But don’t think the term simple means cheap or common – not at all, it stands for minimalism here, as the tasting room or bar will provide you with the best essences you’ll ever put your tongue on, while the Tuscan cuisine, at the Michelin-starred Taverna will definitely make your taste buds go crazy.

The rooms in the castle feature separate entrances, having been converted from the former cottages of the castle staff and workers. From the pool guests can admire a panorama decked with rolling hills, covered in vineyards and lush vegetation.

If relaxation and peace aren’t the only purpose you wanted to meet here, you may also try your skills in horseback riding, hot air ballooning or you may simply drive through the superb landscapes in a 12-cylinder Ferrari, courtesy of Castello Banfi Il Borgo. And all these are available to you for nightly rates starting at a mere €320.

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