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The brand new FV-Frangivento Asfanè is Out of this World

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FV-Frangivento Asfanè

Here’s a wonderful surprise coming straight from Italy. The FV-Frangivento Asfanè is a brand new hypercar, a man-made marvel that aims to take your breath away with a hand-cut aluminum body and an astonishing all-electric power output of 660 kW (900 PS) – at least in theory.

Looking like a menacing mashup of all things digital, this thing was spotted in Monaco a few days ago and looks quite close to something road-legal. I mean, who can tell? Featuring a pair of wing mirrors on each side and a windscreen you can actually see through, this ravishing supercar might just be the latest addition to a wealthy car collector’s roundup.

FV-Frangivento Asfanè

Of course, there are various geometrical shapes and technical details that seem to stand out at this stunning project, and it’s somewhat difficult to choose one to focus on first, that’s why we’ll leave that part for you. I’m sure that a lot of people would think this vehicle is a little bit tough to swallow, but that’s how automakers like Lamborghini or Ferrari made a name for themselves as well, right?

Details remain scarce at this point, but you’re more than welcome to speculate; in the meantime, we think this might be one of the very first customer cars, since it has California plates at the back. We’re really looking forward to find out more details about this beast.

FV-Frangivento Asfanè


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Victor Baker

Victor has always been a big fan of cars, which is why he’s so proud to call himself a genuine petrolhead these days. His love actually stemmed from his father, who was an automotive engineer. Today, he loves to write down everything that comes to mind, car-related or not, and when he really gets down to it, he pretty much becomes one with his laptop.

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