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The Blissful Nanuku Resort Invites You To Fiji

By Victor Baker


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Nanuku Resort

Nanuku is probably one of those names that might get some people smiling, as they daydream about a strange Pixar character. But this place is all real, even though it’s almost too good to be true. Proudly sitting on the southern shore of Fiji’s main island, Viti Levu, this high-end resort stands out by offering an authentic South Pacific experience, within one of the region’s most opulent locations.

The rich cultural heritage of Fiji will make any guests feel right at home here, while the numerous adventures on offer will make sure you will remember this vacation forever. From overnight camping under a canopy of stars to wild boar hunting, food safaris, coral planting, and even creek rafting, you are welcomed to experience them all, in this exotic paradise.

Nanuku Resort

With only 18 Fijian-style accommodations to enjoy, boasting with elegance, modern amenities, and comfort, this spectacular resort will also impress you with private pools, direct beachfront access, and the much needed air conditioning. But that’s not all the Nanuku has to offer.

Located in the resort’s clubhouse, the charming Kanavata Restaurant is the perfect stop for all-day dining, with delicious treats from around the Pacific Rim, complemented by an innovative cocktail list and handpicked international wines.

After a delightful dining experience here, the next thing on your to do list should be a visit to the intimate Lomana Spa and Wellness Center, where ancient South Pacific treatments, refined by the latest spa technology, will give a new meaning to the word relaxation. Why would anyone ever leave this place is beyond me.

Nanuku Resort

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