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The Biltmore Hotel is a Real Gem in Coral Gables, Florida

By Victor Baker


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Biltmore Hotel

Nestled in Coral Gables, the elegant Biltmore Hotel is yet another example of why Florida has remained classy for so long – and will probably continue to do so. This fairytale-like structure sits amidst a tropical environment, teasing everyone with its beauty and imposing sense of style.

Since the 1920s, the Biltmore Hotel has been a focal point on the city’s skyline and a landmark of sophistication in all of Miami, thanks to its unique architecture, with marble columns, travertine floors and beautiful arches. This hotel seems to transport guests not only through time, but also to a different place, back to an early 20th-century Mediterranean setting.

But that’s not all this hotel has to offer; there’s also a stunning golf course designed by Donald Ross and the Blitmore Culinary Academy will surely impress you as well, especially if you want to become the best chef on your block. And did we mention the hotel’s mesmerizing surroundings? They’re absolutely amazing, really.

Biltmore Hotel

Sure, you might not want to spend time in the kitchen while you’re on vacation in the heart of Florida, which is why we suggest visiting the hotel’s award-winning restaurants, Palm d’Or, Fontana, Cascade, or the 19th Hole – we don’t know exactly what the latter serves, but we’re sure golfers will appreciate this place.

Regardless of the purpose of your visit to Florida, the Biltmore Hotel’s 275 rooms – or, at least one of them – will surely make your stay here worth remembering. Each and every room was tailor made to deliver refinement, beautiful decors and an overall sense of exclusivity. No surprise there!

Biltmore Hotel

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