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The Beautiful Soraya 70 Superyacht Could be Yours

By Adrian Prisca


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With a design based on Jure Bukavec’s Uniell Yacht Design and a build-up process executed by the Gentech Shipyard, the Soraya 46 was the first yacht from Soraya Now, the collaboration between Soraya Yachts and Uniell is pointed towards something a bit more extravagant and far more luxurious – the Soraya 70 megayacht.

Designed to pamper its owner with the highest level of luxury and the best in performance, this gorgeous vessel will probably define a new series of standards in the extravagant sailing world. There’s also an array of amenities that should fulfill anyone’s dreams, like huge entertainment rooms, social spots for parties, helipad, 6-meter swimming pool overlooking the sea and sun-bathing areas as well as two decks overlooking that sea.

If size does matter for you, note that the ceilings inside this boat’s salons are at 3.6m away from the floor. The full owner’s deck features a huge terrace that leads to the bow. There we find the 10-meter wide helipad. On the opposite side of it is the swimming pool, built on the longer sun-deck. The shorter sun-deck is located above the longer one, overlooking the boat and the surroundings. The Jacuzzi is a bit smaller, measured at 2.3 meters.

Probably the main features of the megayacht are the entertainment rooms and saloons, festooned with tall, imposing glass windows that allow breathtaking views of the ocean. Furthermore, the whole yacht is built in an elegant, sleek style, with lines that contrast with the vertical glass section.

The 46-meter Soraya 46 yacht is at the moment in construction and will probably be one of the most beautiful vessels on the face of the Earth. Although it’s hard to imagine how its 70-meter sibling, the Soraya 70 will feel like, it will probably be a new standard for luxury.


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