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The Banyan Tree Lijiang Resort in China

By Adrian Prisca


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Found in the idyllic Chinese city of Lijiang, the Banyan Tree Lijiang Resort is as majestic as the history of the town it’s situated in. The old city center of Lijiang is a UNESCO heritage site, while the resort does its best in reaching this level of fame and glory.

It was presented with the Best Spa Resort in China and the Best Luxury Hotel Awards in 2007, on the occasion of the China Hotel Starlight Awards. Found 6,500 feet above sea level (around 2,000 meters), deep in the Chinese territory, 40 minutes away from Lijiang Airport, the resort is just a quarter of an hour away from the town of Dayan, an equally historical site. Its Southern neighbour is the stunning Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

The Banyan Tree Lijiang Resort is built upon Chinese traditions in architecture and the Naxi culture. The design of the hotel is relatively similar to the one of the local residences, sharing both the features of the Han China and Tibet civilizations which occupy these lands. The villas are gorgeously fitted with regards to the local design styles and principles, with rich russet and gold tones alongside traditional sweeping roof designs.

We invite you to spend a few days at this magnificent resort, or, if this is not something momentarily possible for you, take a few moments to enjoy some photographic serenity.


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