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The Allochroous wins the 9th Millennium Yacht Design Award

By Adrian Prisca


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The recently-presented 9th Millennium Yacht Design Award (the MYDA) was granted to the Allochroous, for the Dream Boat category. The competition was attended by a load of designers from all over the world, but only these particular plans prevailed.

The designers of the mind-boggling cruiser are Ezgi Aksan and Ambra Cernetti, new names in the world of yachting. Based on innovative technology and mainly on their sole dreams, the cruiser boasts the unique capability of transforming its functionality. The main point of the project was to “create a sustainable yacht that is ideal for enjoying a summer concert at sea.”

The design of the Allochroous reminds of a stranded fish, while the hull easily descends to the sea level when moving and rise when on the go. The paintjob changes in color, on behalf of the glass tiles installed throughout the vessel and the outer temperature. The primary goal of the yacht is to host events, like multi-media exhibitions, concerts, private parties and other special occasions.

Its 40-meter length (131 feet) is actually a collection of innovation. The lounge area, with chairs and tables, plus the cocktail bar and concert floor is simply the best place you’d want to be.

The lower deck boasts guest services like cooking facilities, backstage/crew services and private bathrooms. The structure resembles a honeycomb, built through the use of recycled aluminum. The solar panels mounted on the roof help generate enough electricity to operate this magnificent cruiser.

As we said, it’s still a project, created to ensure the highest levels of luxury, no matter the location. Be it within the docks or in the middle of the Pacific, this vessel will surely be an eye-catcher, if it ever comes to existence.


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