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The Alfred Dunhill Carbon Fiber Poker Set

By Adrian Prisca


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We’ve already seen a lot of luxurious poker sets but this new poker set from Alfred Dunhill blows everything else out of the water. Dubbed as the Carbon Fiber poker set, this snazzy set lets you play poker games at home in grand style, with colorful aluminum chips and silver edged playing cards, all coming in a stunning carbon fiber box.

Guaranteed to raise the stakes, this masculine set features five gorgeous poker dices, three hundred aluminium chips of assorted colors and two packs of playing cards, embossed with the august British house’s old school label and bordered in silver, as we’ve said earlier.

The set’s casing is at a completely different level than anything else you’ve seen before, coming with a sliding lid and made entirely of gleaming black carbon fiber. The Alfred Dunhill Carbon Fiber Poker Set costs only $695 and it can be ordered from Dunhill’s official website. You’ll just have to invite your mates over, bring out some cigars and cognac and show everyone how amazing this poker set really is.

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