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The ACJ330neo Private Jet Takes Over The Skies

ACJ330neo Private Jet

Airbus Corporate Jets have been dreaming about new and exciting ways to attract new business customers to the French aircraft maker, and a private jet version of its new A330neo is their newest offering. Mixing new-generation engines with several aerodynamics updates and many other improvements, this new corporate jet aims to deliver even more comfort, efficiency and a nonstop to the world range.

The private jet version of the ACJ330neo could take up to 25 passengers on a 9,400 nm/17,400 km flight around the world, for up to 20 hours, that may quickly become the experience of a lifetime. Heads of state and delegations worldwide should really pay attention right now and learn why this plane should become their next transportation device.

The ACJ330neo is in a league of its own, promising a modern design and a very spacious cabin. The latter comprises conference/dining areas, a private office, bedroom, bathroom and ample guest seating, although everything can and will be fully customized according to customer wishes.

ACJ330neo Private Jet

Airbus has plenty of experience in delivering cool and impressive planes and none can deny that. The A330 has been the world’s most successful widebody airliner, a versatile plane that benefits from intelligent innovation and research. Recent updates include new-generation Rolls-Royce Trent 7000 engines, Sharklet wingtips, as well as improved maximum take-off weights.

Airbus will gladly fit the private jet with other equipment as well, such as an onboard airport navigation system (OANS), similar to the GPS in cars, and a runway overrun prevention system (ROPS). As the company has done before, the ACJ330neo features Category 3B autoland and many other standard features, like dual head-up displays, but that’s what a small part of what you could get from your future dream jet.


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