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The 42m Solar Dream Is An Eco-Friendly Vision of Perfection

Solar Dream

The acclaimed Swedish superyacht designer Dennis Ingemansson and his studio thought it might be a good idea to join forces with Turkish shipyard Ned Ship Group to imagine the eco-friendly sailing wonder before you. The result of their unique collaboration is an incredible 42-meter catamaran, that was beautifully called Solar Dream.

Set to be ecological and of course, incredibly efficient, this vessel was designed to feature a 360-square-meter solar cell area on its top and an impressive hybrid propulsion solution, that’s backed up by an ultra light carbon fiber hull, which allows this yacht to reach a top speed of 22 knots with minimal effort.

Unfortunately, there is no word on technical specifications or engines, but if the solar cells were to be as efficient as advertised, a set of potent electric motors could easily handle the job.

Solar Dream

Boasting 580 square meters worth of interior space, the wonderful Solar Dream catamaran promises a luxurious experience for up to 10 people, with double owner’s suites and three guest rooms. We don’t have any peak on how this yacht’s interiors could look like, but the shipyard will most likely allow its next customers to personalize their vessel as they wish.

So, if you’ve always wanted a brand new eco-friendly superyacht, this might be the right chance to make an investment on white, blue and green. That’s because this futuristic vessel is a stunning white example set to sail the blue oceans while keeping it all green.

Solar Dream


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