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The Tetrahedron Super Yacht Will Take Over Your Dreams

By Victor Baker


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You’re probably wondering what this is, right? Is it an Alien invasion or have the Mayans woken up to construct yet another impressive architectural wonder !? Truth be told, those sound more like Hollywood scripts than anything else, while the pictures you see here reveal the Tetrahedron Super Yacht, an innovative, pyramid-shaped superstructure, that looks like it’s flying above water.

The radical concept was designed by Jonathan Schwinge, a London-based architect who imagined this yacht as levitating right over the ocean. This is possible thanks to a vertical strut, attached to a submerged torpedo-shaped hull. Make no mistake about it, this is still a luxurious vessel, aside from being astonishing and somewhat scary.

The Tetrahedron Super Yacht will sail smoothly through rough waters, while boasting plenty of deck space on all its three sides, with spacious sun decks featuring sunloungers or sofas, an outdoor dining area, plenty of water toys and a set of retractable stairs going right into the sea.


Constructed out of carbon fiber and duplex stainless steel, Tetrahedron will accommodate six passengers, as well as four crew members, in a 70.8-ft long pyramid that boasts four faces and six leading edges. It will reach speed of up to 38 knots (43.7 mph) above the water line, with a take-off speed of 15 knots (17.2 mph), while benefiting from an impressive range of 3,000 nautical miles.

This type of hull was previously developed before, although none can compare with this incredible creation. There’s no word on costs or when we’ll be able to see this beauty life, but we should mention that Marcel Muller of INMAINCO Visionary Marine Management is the project manager and EYELEVEL UK was responsible for these renderings. We’re still wondering what type of propulsion will be used, though.


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