Take A Sip From The 1920s With John Walker And Sons XR 21 Year Old

John Walker and sons XR 21 Year Old

The 1920’s are still a symbol of extraordinary style and sophistication, with the Art-Deco movement instantly coming to mind. Properly honoring that era is difficult, but John Walker seems to do it without any effort by introducing a spectacular new-fangled design of the premium blended Scotch Whiskey John Walker and sons XR 21 Year Old.

Featuring a sculpted cross which was inspired by Sir Alexander Walker’s Knighthood, the lovely bottle will come in a delicate, polished gold box. I don’t know about you guys, but sipping from a 21-year old whiskey that was drawn from the extremely rare Johnnie Walker reserves sounds like the best way of wasting time to us.

John Walker and sons XR 21 Year Old

Renowned for their exquisite taste and smoothness, John Walker whiskies’ have slowly taken over the entire world, being a wonderful example of craft and expertise, right from the heart of Scotland.

Representing the grandeur and majesty of the Art Deco era, these lovely John Walker and sons XR 21 Year Old bottles will be individually-numbered and could be yours for just $178 for the 1 liter bottle, while the 750 ml features a $138 price tag. Have a drink on me!

John Walker and sons XR 21 Year Old