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The Sukhothai Hotel in Bangkok

By Brody Patterson


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Borrowing the name of an old Thai kingdom which flourished about seven centuries ago, the Sukhotai Hotel aims to rekindle some of that past glory in contemporary Bangkok.

It wouldn’t be a great resort if it didn’t have an amazing spa and the Sukhotai duly delivers – the Spa Botanica is an oasis of tranquility, featuring seven teak-and-stone suites which open onto lush gardens and lotus ponds, with aromatic Japanese tubs and swimming pools completing the very welcoming picture. Adding a bit of a Western touch there are also a few tennis courts.

The teak motif is also apparent in the design of the 210 spacious and well-appointed rooms and suites guests of the Sukhotai are welcomed in. Rich Thai fabrics also abound, whether draped from the ceiling or upholstered on the furniture.

Dining options include four on-site restaurants which cater to a wide range of different tastes. You’ will especially want to try out the award-winning Celadon for some of Bangkok’s (and thus the world’s) best Pad Thai.

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