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Sukhoi’s SportJet Is an Ultra Exclusive Private Jet for Sports Teams

By Victor Baker


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Sukhoi is not really the first name that comes to mind when you’re thinking about luxury travel and comfortable private jets; however, the Russian aircraft manufacturer has just unveiled the SportJet, a plane specifically designed and built to transport sports teams around the world.

With various services and facilities on offer, meant to keep athletes in tip top shape, this private jet already sounds like a winner. How do you feel about working out and enjoying a rejuvenating massage during your flight?

The Sukhoi concept takes into account factors like jet lag, dehydration or hypoxia, using scientific achievements and results to make sure all athletes are properly cared after. For instance, this jet will come with an AeroScan diagnostics capsule, which allows team members to be checked out midflight.


The individual multimedia screens should be no surprise, although some might consider interesting the fact that the plane is divided into four different zones depending on purpose: members of the sports team, the coaching staff, the medical team and other staff.

Any decent coach will tell you that every little counts, and the SportJet supports this statement, promising to allow professional sports teams to stand out, travel in style, and possibly improve upon their health while chilling out and waiting to land. Not really a bad idea, is it?



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