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Stylish coffee table suspended by small helium balloons

By Adrian Prisca


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It seems like our imagination has absolutely no boundaries. It’s a good thing, as intriguing pieces can come out from our hands, like this exquisite coffee table suspended by helium balloons that we’re going to show you right now.

Manufactured by Duffy London, a company founded by Christopher Duffy, the so-called “UP Coffee Table” is one impressive piece of design. The company is already known to craft exquisite lighting, furniture and interior features, but none seem to match the extraordinariness of this one.

Suspended by a total of 14 small helium balloons, the table was conceived by the designer Christopher Duffy on a few curious elements, like levitation, buoyancy and floatation. As connoisseurs can describe it as a playful trompe l’oeil – technique based on extremely realistic imagery in order to create optical illusions that the featured item is tri-dimensional – this out of the ordinary table was crafted by some of the best artisan craftsmen in Great Britain. They’ve used all sorts of substances and materials, like metal resin composites, toughened steel rods and toughened glass.

Measuring 110 cm x 70 cm x 35 cm, H x L x D, this marvelous, intriguing piece of design can be acquired at a price of $3,800, and is available in bespoke sizes and state of the art finishes. Be quick though, as it will be manufactured in a limited edition of 20 just units.


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