State-of-the-art Porsche Design RFF135 Yacht for sale

Porsche has gone beyond car manufacturing and put their souls into yacht building as well. Co-working with the yacht building company Royal Falcon Fleet and with the naval architecture corporation Incat Crowther & Kockums they realized the project of a symbol that combines elegance with high-performance and exquisiteness – the Porsche RFF135 Yacht. It’s actually a first-of-a-kind catamaran.

The project comprises 4 decks, with luxurious amenities, like a helipad or sunken-pool with a rear-mounted Jacuzzi. The decks of this 41.2 meter vessel are divided into a lower hull deck, main deck, mid deck and upper deck. Every little aspect of the interior symbolizes luxury and style.

The boat can accommodate 10 crew members and 10 guests within the four guest cabins and the presidential suite. This modern water-jewel has a total deck surface of 472 sq meters on the lower decks and 208 sq meters on top.

The performance side is dealt to by the twin MTU engines, each one developing 4611 HP at 2450 RPM combined with two Rolls-Royce Kamewa 80S3 water jet propellants. All these assure the catamaran with a top speed that equals 35 knots. Of course, there is a price for all these beauties – €35 million.