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Staggering iPhones from Golden Dreams

By Brian Pho


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Three brand new blinged up luxury phones were recently unveiled at BaselWorld 2013, courtesy of Swiss brand Golden Dreams. They’ve come up with a staggering iPhone garnished with a dragon that was finished by hand, a Mansory limited edition 24-carat gold iPhone 5 with 64 GB of internal memory and another limited edition iPhone done in CarbonGold.

That last notion, the CarbonGold, is a brand new composite material developed in-house by Golden Dreams – it is in fact carbon fiber coated with 99.9% pure gold. It is not an easy thing to do though, to place such a material on top of an iPhone. Golden Dreams specialists have had to develop an advanced technique to deposit the gold on the carbon fiber textile. It has finally resulted in an absolutely staggering material with a one off glitter. This is not the first time for Golden Dreams to cover up iPhones in gold, having done it before, in 18-carat.

Alongside this gorgeous CarbonGold iPhone there’s another gorgeous piece from the same brand – an iPhone decked with a superb hand-engraved dragon.  The golden dragon stands atop a bed of red alligator leather, reminding of the interesting Chinese culture. The model has taken 35 hours of exquisite craftsmanship, resulting in a gorgeously eye-catching gadget fit for lovers of opulence.

The last of the lot is the Mansory limited edition iPhone 5 done in 24-carat gold. This particular model is strikingly similar to a previously launched 24-carat Golden Dreams iPhone 5, with just a few details to set it apart. This particular model has been carefully put together by two renowned brands, Golden Dreams and Mansory, garnished in 24-carat gold and having been imprinted with Mansory emblems. Only 50 of these will reportedly be manufactured, all fitted with 64 GBs of internal memory. Each of these phones will reportedly cost $6,500.


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