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SORA Electric Motorcycle designed by The Creative Unit

A lot of electric motorbikes have been released recently, with absolutely no impact on the surrounding environment. The SORA Electric Motorcycle is the latest eco-friendly bike, an innovative vehicle that boasts with sporty looks, café racer-aspect, a futuristic appearance and extreme technology.

This bike reportedly offers “optimum performance and one-of-a-kind riding experience” due to the manufacturer’s focus on performance and techniques. The street fighter style is evident due to a bobber located in the rear fender, attached to the wheel, bettering its front dynamics.

As the designers and crafters say, the main point of this bike performance, followed by efficiency and ride comfort. In terms of mechanics, the motorbike features an energy-storing integrated charge-management system, CVT transmission, a potent engine, advanced communication and power-management systems, up-to-date integrated GPS technology, touch screen and a patented “Safe Range System”.

In terms of convenience, the rider will find an adjustable electric seat, with various setups depending on your wish, state of the art brakes, inbuilt charging port, sealed lockable storage compartment, upgraded rear suspension and a state-of-the-art high-quality front fork. In addition, the chassis is made of aluminum, the brakes use a regenerative system and the carbon fiber fairing is extremely lightweight.

In addition to all these, there’s an interesting feature that can be considered a premiere in the world of electric 2-wheelers – a patented e-mail notification system that announces its owner whenever the bike is fully charged and fit to start the journey.

Electricity is way cheaper than common fuel, like gas or diesel, thus allowing you to save money instead of spending them on a resource that’s not so far of coming to an end. Furthermore, investing in a fuel-efficient bike with good aerodynamics during times when emissions are high is the best choice.



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