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Solar Floating Resort Concept by Michele Puzzolante

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Quite an intriguing concept, the Solar Floating Resort, designed by by Michele Puzzolante,  is one of the most interesting ideas we’ve seen in a while. Putting together principles and technologies borrowed from submarines and yachts, this resort would be a self-sustainable creation that doesn’t pollute, functions in complete harmony with the natural environment and generates its own energy using solar power.

Every amenity commonly found in yachts and hotels is easily found within the project, the only difference between it and the aforementioned is its location. Featuring a fully submerged observation bulb, it shares breathtaking underwater views, among which the exotic fish and all sorts of creatures, dolphins and sharks are the main characters.

The facility can be built on the beach, next to hotels, bringing forth ecological principles and ideas, as well as 7-star self-sufficiency. Each of the floating resorts would be able to accommodate around 6 persons at sea, perfect for living on the edge of the oceans and seas, while still maintaining a strong connection to the beach hotel, in case the need to feel the ground arises.


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