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Skyranch One Is Actually a Plane, a Plane Like No Other

Skyranch One

Flying high in complete luxury and comfort is always a lovely experience, but the standards set by the new Skyranch One are absolutely incredible, to say the least.

The designers behind the opulent Skyacht One, a project that was featured on Luxatic just a couple of months ago, thought they could come up with something even more outrageous and unique than the Skyacht, and their imagination has gone wild, in a good way, with the Skyranch One.

Designed to be bigger and better than any private jet interior you’ve seen before, the Skyranch actually follows a concept called “complicated simplicity”, involving bleached woods, woven leather and suede, inlaid horn fixtures, English wool and mood lighting. That all sounds seductive, doesn’t it?

Skyranch One

Adding to those subtle touches of an already luxurious design are modular seats with European saddles, onyx countertops, panoramic windows, as well as distinctive burlap wall coverings. It might be interesting for you to know that there are multiple bars inside this jet, ready to quench your thirst for smooth aromas.

According to the designers at Sotto Studios, the company behind this amazing project, the Skyranch concept can be completely adjusted to a customer’s specific tastes and desires, with 3D previews making sure everyone gets what they paid for. Simply put, if it’s in a catalog, it’s not on board; and that’s what exclusivity is all about.

Skyranch One


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