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Singapore’s Wallich Residence Super Penthouse Costs $78.4M

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Wallich Residence Super Penthouse

It doesn’t get much more exclusive than this: nestled right in the heart of Singapore, atop the jaw dropping Tanjong Pagar Centre, there’s an outrageous penthouse looking to find its next owner. Covering 21,108 square feet (1,961 square meters) of incredible living spaces, with 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms on offer, this lavish condo is Singapore’s tallest residence, the cherry on top of the Wallich Residence, with a stunning design and architecture meant to shock and awe every single one of.

Set in Singapore’s vibrant Central Business District (CBD), the Tanjong Pagar Centre has become the tallest building in town, proudly sitting at 290m high, and Wallich Residence occupies a big part of it, offering 181 exclusive residences located between the 39th to 64th floors. The jewel of the crown is definitely this Super Penthouse, spreading between the 62nd and 64th floor of the building and looking down on everything and everyone – in more ways than one.

Wallich Residence Super Penthouse

This spectacular triplex penthouse is the largest non-landed residence in Singapore, and features an breathtaking private swimming pool, with a cabana, a jacuzzi room, bar facilities and a special entertainment room.

Luxury properties of this stature are extremely rare anywhere in the world and the developer of this property has spared no expense in creating it, thus promising a new experience at the very height of luxury. Specialist designers and architects will cater to every whim and desire of the future owner in an effort to create a truly unique design and layout.

Wallich Residence Super Penthouse

A complete range of services will be available to the next owners of this mesmerizing residence once everything will be completed, including access to Sofitel Singapore City Centre’s facilities and services. The residential development also includes an Urban Park featuring several dining options, from casual eateries to high-end cuisine, but I find it difficult to believe one would leave this one-of-a-kind penthouse so easily.

If you’d splash out exactly $78.4 million on your dream penthouse, I’m sure you’ll want to spend most of your days home. Any takers?

Wallich Super Penthouse

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