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Simple & Seductive – La Suite Guesthouse in Rio de Janeiro

By Victor Baker


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La Suite

La Suite might sound like a simple name for a high-end boutique hotel, but this cliffhanging guesthouse is anything but ordinary. Located in Joatinga, an upscale district on the southern coast of Rio de Janeiro, this lavish retreat sits just a few minutes away from all the glamorous beaches of the captivating Brazilian city.

Guests may enjoy some of the most incredible accommodations in all of Brazil here, and savor homemade pastries and tropical juices from their private cliffside terrace, while sipping in superb views of Rio de Janeiro and the open Atlantic. When the sun sets, the entire picture becomes even more alluring, as Rio’s sparkling lights will form an awe-inspiring sight, while the hotel’s staff could serve fresh seafood on your private patio.

La Suite

But La Suite’s interiors are probably just as incredible as those breathtaking views. Here, seven charming rooms were playfully decorated in color themes ranging from blue to pink as well as black, with king-sized beds and marble bathrooms, complemented by a range of modern furnishings and even prints by Andy Warhol.

Keeping in line with a luxurious lifestyle, this wonderful property also shows off two swimming pools that seem to make the ocean below obsolete. Nonetheless, the real thing is always close by, with a private beach and Ipanema always available for your enjoyment. Get packing, as this magical retreat is ready to make your trip to Rio de Janeiro totally unforgettable.

La Suite

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