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Shanghai’s ‘Books Above Clouds’ Might be the World’s Most Incredible Bookstore

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Books Above Clouds

The world’s highest bookstore has recently opened its doors on the 52nd floor of the stunning Shanghai Tower, China’s tallest skyscraper. Designed by Wutopia lab, this breathtaking place is Duoyun Books’ new flagship store, a calm and beautiful space that will easily spark everyone’s imagination.

The new Duoyun bookstore covers an incredible area of 24,315 sq. ft (2,250 square meters) and it’s nestled 239 meters above the ground, offering serene views of both sides of the Huangpu River. The project has been actually named ‘books above clouds’ and that’s exactly how it feels, as book lovers can enjoy reading right beside or above clouds.

Commissioned by Shanghai Century Publishing, this wonderful place has a variety of functions, apart from being the world’s highest bookstore. It also has a lecture room, an exhibition space and two cafes, providing more than just books. The store has room for up to 60,000 books and it aims to become a cultural landmark in this ever growing city in the near future.

What’s really special about this bookstore, apart from the mesmerizing views, is the fact that it has translucent bookshelves, stacked in layers, a design that looks like an abstract mountain.

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Shanghai’s highest bookstore also comes with a black study room, that has the perfect atmosphere for reading and acts as a quiet space for serious bookworms. Circles of books wrap around visitors here, with a movable bookshelf used as an interesting partition to separate different areas of the study room.

In addition to all these gorgeous areas for books and reading, the store also features a multi-purpose space that’s perfect for exhibitions or talks, or simply as a cool place to chit chat.

The new Duoyun Bookstore also has two places where you could enjoy a good cup of coffee: a tiffany blue cafe that’s tucked between the white translucent bookshelves and a lovely pink dessert house that lies at the end of the store, acting like the cherry on top of an amazing experience here.

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