Scenic’s New Emerald Waterways Cruise Line

A new lovely cruise line has been recently launched by Scenic, called Emerald Waterways, it’s the lower-priced alternative to the existing cruise line from this company, Scenic Cruises. So the company will now operate two separate river cruise brands with two different target markets, different amenities and different prices as well.

The new Emerald Waterways cruise line will be billed as “mainly inclusive” and will start sailing on April 15 on the Rhine, Moselle and Danube with a brand new 182-passenger vessel named Emerald Sky. This ship will be joined by the sister yacht Emerald Star, which also has room for 182 guests, in June.

Both these ships are rated at “four star deluxe” and come with all sorts of luxurious amenities, from a heated swimming pool to a movie theater. There will be 20 cabins, with drop down open air windows and indoor balconies and 72 suits as well. The price for a cruise with the Emerald Waterways line starts from $2,230 per person for eight days.