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Saffire Freycinet is a relaxing Tasmanian retreat

Located right in the center of the Tasmanian east coast, easily accessible from the nearby major Australian cities via fly paths to Launceston or Hobart, Saffire Freycinet is a monument of beauty and relaxation. From the two cities, the travel towards the hotel can be made via fixed-wing charters, helicopter, chauffeur service or car hire.

Cole’s Bay is one of the most impressive regions in the entire Tasmanian Island. Although some may consider this place to be in the middle of nowhere, I personally wouldn’t dare to call the surrounding natural environment a “nowhere”. On the contrary, the rich fauna, the lush vegetation and the stunning landscapes actually make this region one gorgeous place to find oneself at.

The resort’s main building overlooks 20 private suites. It boasts with a staggering design, resembling a stingray gliding across the bottom of the ocean or a bird in the middle of a flight. The impressive roof was crafted from Tasmanian wood, mounted on top of a number of massive windows, overlooking, besides the intimate suites, the coast and the brushy landscape.

The main feature of the resort is sustainability. It works brilliantly, with absolutely no bother on the guests’ behalf. Every room has its own mini bar, they boast with contemporary designs and can all ensure pleasurable lifestyles. But this resort doesn’t necessarily encourage full time relaxation. It pushes everyone from behind to explore and enjoy the natural surroundings and the pristine white sand beaches nearby.

If you’re still wondering what activities can you choose to do at the location, we only need to mention mountain biking, searching for marsupial animals, a helicopter can be booked for a dining tour, guests can be taught to cook properly and the plethora of mussels await picking throughout the local white sand beaches. And above all, one of the best experiences tied to this place is related to the culinary field: a chef is ready to cook some of the best dishes you’ll ever get into your mouth.

All these and a lot more can be enjoyed for just €1,183 per night (AUD 1,500).



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