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SABDES Design and Feadship Reveal Stylish New Sleek 39m’ Yacht Design

Scott Blee, an Australian yacht designer from SABDES Design, has collaborated with Feadship in order to create the new ‘Sleek 39m’ yacht design.

Inspired by SABDES` 145-meter mega yacht ‘Project X’, the ‘Sleek 39m’ is, according to Scott, “a successful exercise in downscaling some signature elements.” The vessel is sleek and stylish, and will certainly be quite a sight when finally launched. Among the feature setting her apart are the integrated drop down balconies port and starboard (which are 5 and 2 meters long, respectively) which don’t disrupt the profile lines when they are up, and the main deck which changes color depending on the angle you’re from thanks to the Mica paint it’s covered in. This, by the way, together with the sweeping structure that starts at the bow and integrates into the aft end of the upper sun-deck creates the visual effect of lowering the height of the tri-decks.

Also worth noting is the fact that flybridge has a polycarbonate wrap-around screen which seamlessly emerges out of the bridge cabin deck forward, while the Portuguese bridge additionally serves as a wavebreaker.


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