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Rumor: Audi Might be Interested To Buy Ducati

By Adrian Prisca


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Some interesting and rather surprising news have reached our ears this morning. Until just a few weeks ago it was almost clear that Mercedes Benz’s AMG branch were buying the fabled superbike manufacturer Ducati. But just as sudden as that fact was made public, another automaker is looking forward to buy this renowned brand.

We’re talking about Volkswagen Group’s Audi, who are reportedly negotiating a buyout at the moment. The Audi brand is on a steep hill among the German market, going upwards as days go by. They’re undergoing improvements in both recognition and profitability. One of their goals is to depose the current first place holder in Germany’s automotive market, BMW.

The aforementioned are encompassing 2 two-wheeler brands, Husqvarna and BMW Motorrad. Ducati would come as a blessing to Audi, ensuring a position at the same scale with BMW. The main cause of the sale was Ducati’s debt of €850 million. Thus, the company costs at the moment $1,1 billion or €850 million, as much as it would cost to cover the entire debt.

Up till now, the rumours haven’t been confirmed by neither Mercedes-Benz, nor Audi. So, until some sort of certainty rises, all we can do is waiting to see what’s going to happen. Maybe Germany’s economy will also receive an unplanned boost.


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