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Royal Caribbean plans to launch a new Oasis cruise ship

By Adrian Prisca


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Those who haven’t yet heard of Royal Caribbean are either suffering from seasickness or they’re badly uninformed. One of the most successful companies in the world of cruising, and definitely one of the best, boasting with a fleet that includes ten of the world’s 12 largest cruise vessels, Royal Caribbean has announced the coming of a brand new cruise ship, with even better conditions for its guests.

The brand has reportedly ordered a brand new cruiser from the Saint-Nazaire shipyard, in France, to add to their current Oasis class. Interestingly enough, the class comprises the two largest cruisers in the world. The vessel they have recently commissioned is told to include enough accommodation for a whopping 6,300 passengers and 2,100 crew members.

Measuring 361 meters from bow to stern, 66 meters in width and 72 meters in height, the brand new vessel will be endowed with a plethora of entertainment locations, recreational spots and available activities. These include an aquatic park, a theatre, a nightclub, boutiques and around 20 restaurants.

Furthermore, top notch technology hasn’t been left behind, being available virtually everywhere aboard. Kids can even be equipped with chips to allow parents to keep a track of them throughout the ship. In addition, the vessel will reportedly be endowed with interactive panels which detail the various activities of the ship, alongside Wi-Fi.

There is no detailing on the price though, but there’s still plenty of time to put some cash away until the scheduled launch date, during 2016.


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