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RJ Adds DC Comics Villains to its Spectacular Watch Collection

By Thom Esveld


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The new RJ & DC Comics Villains collection comes as a breath of fresh air in the watchmaking industry, by exploring even more in depth the Gotham universe and bringing two of the most favorite Dark Knight villains, the Joker and Two Face, into RJ’s newest watches, each with its own distinct look and design.

The super cool Joker comes in a 45 mm satin brushed titanium case, water resistant up to 100 meters, and with RJ Watches signature on the crown, lugs, pushers and the case’s edge. The lug screws also have a bat symbol laser engraved on them. The bezel also comes full of Joker motifs, maybe a little too many.

The dial looks really nice, with skeletonized hands and featuring a few interesting themes, like the chronograph and the suites of playing cards. Inside the case, there’s an RJ2042 self winding mechanical chronograph movement, with 52 jewels, 4 Hz frequency and a power reserve of up to 42 hours. The Joker appears on the back of the case as well.

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On the other hand, the Two-Face watch fascinates a little bit more, with the same 45 mm titanium case, but with a clean satin finish on the left side and a right side distressed and aged by laser engraving, perfectly matching the theme of Harvey Dent. The same pattern continues on the dial as well.

Inside the case though, the RJ Two-Face watch comes with the superb and simple RJ004-M movement. The strip is very interesting as well, a combination between a gray and black leather wrapped around, making the watch really look like it was dropped in acid with one side.

The price tags of these two stunning watches are $17,900 for the Joker and $22,700 for the Two-Face, and each of them will be limited to only 100 pieces.

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