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Rolls-Royce Ghost Six Senses concept unveiled

Rolls-Royce unveiled at the Beijing Motor Show this week a brand new concept, based on their marvelous Rolls Royce Ghost, which was dubbed as “Six Senses“, designed in such a way to entice every sense of the human body, from hearing, taste and sight to scent and touch. The sixth sense is supposedly represented by the singular luxury that Rolls Royce provides every customer with.

The paintjob is based on a pearlescent Carrara White that seems to be both stylish and masculine. The car runs on four unique forged alloys, while its interior boasts with deep-pile lambswool carpeting throughout, even within the trunk, leather headliner with panoramic sunroof, champagne cooler, state of the art sound system and walnut burr veneer.

We realize all these are hardly seen in any of today’s cars, thus we sort of respect this vehicle. This car simply commands respect, and about this there is absolutely no doubt.



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