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Roberto Cavalli for Ciclotte: Modern Exercise Bike

By Adrian Prisca


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Roberto Cavalli teamed up with Italian brand Ciclotte to create a new range of cool exercise bikes that will prove that cycling is something that can be done in style at home as well. These fashionable exercise bikes are based on the late 19th century mono-wheel cycles featuring basically the same design but with the wheel remaining stationary.

Ciclotte was responsible for the engineering of this bike which was created using high quality materials such as carbon fiber, steel and fiber glass. A special epicycloid gearing system with 4 intensity levels recreate real time road conditions adding more to each workout session on this little bike.

Roberto Cavalli for Ciclotte will come in 6 different finishes: black carbon fiber with jaguar print, fuchsia carbon fiber with alcantara work, black carbon fiber with zebra print, gold steel with Alcantara, gold steel with jaguar print and silver steel with alcantara, designed to please probably everyone.

So you’re looking for one of the coolest ways to exercise from your home, this stylish exercise bike from Roberto Cavalli and Ciclotte is probably what you need.


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