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RJ-Romain Jerome unveils the Pac Man watch

By Adrian Prisca


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To be honest, this gorgeous timepiece deeply reminds me of my childhood. Although we’re currently working on incomparably more powerful computers than the ones when Pac Man was released, those people that used to have fun with such games know those times are never coming back. But that doesn’t mean you can’t wear that time on your wrist, in the form of RJ-Romain Jerome’s Pac Man watch.

The Pac Man series of wristwatches was realized in collaboration with NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc. (the developers of Pac Mac) and sports a total of 80 units, four different dial designs with 20 pieces each. They partly resemble the previous Space Invaders watches in terms of looks, with a circle in a rounded 46 mm square.

The Pac Man series is something different though, with steel tied to bits and pieces of the Apollo 11 and garnished with Pac Man characters on the dial stem. It is as sophisticated as it is childish, encompassing a great deal of playfulness and maturity at the same time.

There are four different versions of the timepiece, with rather insignificant differences between them. They will reportedly be displayed exclusively at Collette, in Paris, between the 3rd and the 8th of September and at every RJ-Romain Jerome boutique worldwide starting the 10th of September.

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