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Richard Mille’s Bonbon Collection Looks Like a Sweet Treat

By Adrian Prisca


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Richard Mille Bonbon

Here’s a wonderful surprise from Richard Mille – The renowned Swiss watchmaker has decided to enter a sweet new realm of graphic, emotional and chromatic expression, taking us all on a nostalgic trip to the candy store with its latest collection of watches.

Called the Bonbon Collection, this funky collection of watches comprises 10 models, each of them produced in a limited edition of just 30 pieces. The entire range is bold, memorable, elegant and fun, reminding us of the classic sweets from our childhood. Inspired by candies, pastries and fruit, these horological treats bring a sweet new vision to the world of luxury watchmaking, a vision that we totally love!

They’re based on three of the brand’s most iconic models, the RM 07-03, RM 16-01 and the RM 37-01, and they combine colorful precious stones and colored ceramics in superimposed layers, with delicate enameling acting as a gorgeous finishing touch. The Bombon collection actually includes two different lines for your wrist, with four watches taken straight from the candy jar and six fruit-inspired timekeepers.

Richard Mille Bonbon

The fruit line comes with six tasty flavors: Lemon and Strawberry, based on the RM 16-01, Blueberry and Litchi, with the RM 07-03, and Kiwi or Cherry for the RM 37-01. On the other hand, the sweets line has four models called: Cupcake (RM 07-03), Marshmallow (RM 37-01), Lollipop or Sucette (RM 37-01) and Liquorice (Reglisse) (RM 16-01).

Richard Mille used a turquoise colored case for the first time in its history for these models. The Bonbon watches have 3,000 miniature fruit or candy sculptures on their dials, all painted in acrylics and lacquered by hand. The sugar coating effect was actually achieved using powdered enamel and the same find sand you could find in hourglasses.

The prices for one of these beauties from Richard Mille’s Bonbon collection range between $122,500 and $158,000. A lifetime of sweets, on your wrist.

Richard Mille Bonbon

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