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The Remarkable X R-Evolution Yacht Concept by Pastrovich Design

Monaco-based yacht design studio Pastrovich Design has recently revealed its most ambitious idea yet: the X R-Evolution concept.

What makes this project truly stand out is the fact it is not your average superyacht. It is in fact a kind of flotilla, comprised of a main vessel and several pods, which together form a veritable floating luxury resort.

The central superyacht has a carbon fiber hull which can be 164 to 295 feet (50 to 90 meters) in length and only needs a draft of about 8.2 feet (2.5 meters), which means she can be docket quite close to shore.

As mentioned earlier, the ship can deploy a number of smaller vessels around her, allowing guests to enjoy an extra degree of privacy and tranquility. As another amazing feature, there’s a cutting-edge system of hydraulic cylinders and gyroscopes which ensures the vessel remains as flat as possible, even during rough seas, thus greatly enhancing the level of comfort on board.


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