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Ralph Lauren’s Bond 5-in-1 Game Box

By Adrian Prisca


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Ralph Lauren is bringing the 007 feel in every child’s heart… we`re talking about the child within every person who loves to spend an afternoon with his friends playing some awesome board or card games. We all know it’s pretty annoying to bring all games at the table, one at a time – it takes time and a lot of space.

Well, the guys from Ralph Lauren thought of the same thing and they came up with an interesting idea, the Bond 5-in-1 Game Box. The Box contains 5 games with cleverly designed game pieces and storage: chess, checkers, tic tac toe, backgammon and poker. The removable lid reverses to backgammon board, while the magnetized sliding lids combine to create chess and checkers board.

The wonderful removable tic tac toe set with crystal and silver leafed pieces. There’s a storage place inside for 2 decks of Carbon Fiber RL Poker Cards, the nickel plate and powder coated backgammon pieces and checkers pieces, two carbon fiber leather dice cups and 5 dice and two storage drawers on sides for chess pieces.

Ralph Lauren’s Bond 5-in-1 Game Box is crafted of black leather, walnut, carbon fiber leather.

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