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Professional Microbrewery by Hammacher Schlemmer

By Brian Pho


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One of the best pleasures of summer is sipping from a pint of tasty lager on a cozy chair at your favorite terraced restaurant. It’s not sure how beer came to life, but damn, it’s one of the best inventions ever.

Hammacher Schlemmer brings forth a brewing system for the average Joe, with rather refreshing results. It costs a pretty serious $45,000 and comes with Heat Exchange Recycling Mash (otherwise known as HERM) system able to concoct a full-bodied stout, spirited Hefeweizen or some refreshing lager simply by introducing your recipe via the integrated touch screen computer.

There are all sorts of beers to be served at specific temperatures and drinkers who prefer them in all sorts of conditions. This is strictly dependant on the ingredients of the beers as they are able to determine the temperature at which a beer tastes best. Low temperatures for example lessen the flavor of the beer dues to the insufficient quantity of carbon dioxide, consequently depressing the aroma. Yes, the explanation behind this is that cold beer reduces the effectiveness of our smell and taste receptors in our mouths.

The so-dubbed Hammacher Schlemmer Professional Microbrewery will reportedly brew home lager at the correct temperature for each of the beer types. The contraption consists of a 30-inch high x 96-inch long x 28-inch wide mobile worktable and some receptacles, all crafted from industrial-grade 304 stainless steel. The set encompasses a 15-lb. grain mill, two 2-liter growlers, six 19-oz. dimpled beer steins, mash tun mixing paddle and 8 reusable 5-liter mini kegs.

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