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Private Boeing Business Jet Cabin Gets A Feng Shui Feel

By Victor Baker


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Chinese design firm Haeco Private Jet Solutions is responsible for one of the most breathtaking private-jet interior designs we’ve ever seen, called Xiao Yao. Inspired by the ancient philosophy of Feng Shui, this private jet’s interior design celebrates harmony between people and their environment.

Imagined for a Boeing Business Jet 2 cabin, passengers will enjoy 1,025 square feet of cabin space in the truest sense of the world.

The Xiao Yao cabin’s lines have been replaced by a free-flowing layout, with an amazing curved walkway which gives you a sense of natural alignment. The interior of this Boeing Business Jet 2 also features natural color palettes and a lot of eco materials, using extensively natural woods throughout the cabin.

The living areas include a master bedroom, a spacious lounge, a dining room, and alcoves for playing Mahjong and serving tea. So if you’re already the lucky owner of a Boeing Business Jet or you plan on becoming one in the next years, this is probably the most serene interior you could get for this jet.


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