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Pioneer DDJ-WeGO3 Compact DJ Controller

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Japanese electronics manufacturer Pioneer has released a new ultra compact DJ controller called the DDJ-WeGO3.

The device can connect to iPads and iPhones and allows would-be DJs to mix tracks directly from Spotify. Users can also play tracks from their iTunes account, or connect to a PC or Mac and link with mixing applications like Traktor, VirtualDJ, djay, Serato DJ Intro, and others. In another nice touch, the controller also charges your iOS device as it plays.

In terms of looks, the DDJ-WeGO3 boasts an aluminum top panel and new JOG wheels that illuminate with red and blue LEDs, and is available in both black and white.

This entry level controller is intended for amateur users, basically anybody who appreciates music and wants to try their hands at mixing songs like a DJ. Its recommended price is $299.

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