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Pininfarina designs a carbon fiber bicycle called De Rosa SK

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De Rosa SK Pininfarina

How unexpected is this? The renowned Italian design house Pininfarina has teamed up with Milan-based bicycle maker De Rosa to design and build a gorgeous carbon fiber bike. Dubbed as the De Rosa SK Pininfarina, the result of this collaboration is a lightweight racing bicycle fully made out of carbon fiber, which weights just 6.7 kg.

Unveiled at Eurobike in Germany, this carbon fiber marvel went through a lot of wind tunnel tests to make sure it reduces drag as much as possible. And guess this: the two Italian companies also used innovative mold tooling, with 3D printing and special resins to create the carbon fiber parts on this bike, getting the ideal stiffness without any compromises in terms of comfort or stability.

De Rosa SK Pininfarina

The SK Pininfarina bicycle is apparently a full embodiment of the values Pininfarina shares with De Rosa and it’s supposed to be just the start of a long collaboration between the two Italian labels so we’ll probably get to see even more beauties like this bike in the future.

The bike’s racing specs also include a Campagnolo Super Record EPS electronic groupset and Vittoria Corsa SR inner tubes, which means this bike is more than just good looks. There’s no word on pricing yet, but I’m sure it will be worth every single penny!

De Rosa SK Pininfarina

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