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Owning a Ferrari FXX-K Evo Will Set You Back €4.5 Million

Ferrari FXX-K Evo

If you don’t know this yet, Ferrari extends the opportunity to buy into its XX client development program to its most discerned customers only. As such, even if you have deep pockets and own a Ferrari or two, you might not get a chance to buy Maranello’s latest track-focused hypercar. But today might be your lucky day, as this particular FXX-K Evo has been recently listed for sale through British broker Knight International.

Built in 2016 and upgraded to Evoluzione spec, this Ferrari was tuned for the track – hence the extreme body lines, less weight and even more power under the hood. The 6.3-liter naturally aspirated V12 develops a cool 848 hp – with the electric parts adding an extra 187 hp. Who wouldn’t want to keep 1,036 hp and 900 Nm of torque in check?

Ferrari FXX-K Evo

The FXX-K has a ridiculous power-to-weight ratio of 3.13 (1.42 kg) per horsepower, with the “Evo” version producing 23 percent more downforce than the “regular” FXX-K or 75 percent more than the breathtaking LaFerrari. This beast was clocked around Fiorano at 1:14, which is faster than any other production-based Ferrari to date.

It was produced in a limited run of just 40 units, that’s why the opportunity to acquire one might come once in a lifetime. This particular FXX-K has less than 800 miles on the clock, so you could say it’s almost brand new and, judging from the number of livery, it looks like this is actually the same car Ferrari chose to unveil, which makes it even more appealing.

Furthermore, if you’d like to take this thing for a quick spin around the town, Knight International could arrange to have it converted to street-legal trim – is that really necessary?

Ferrari FXX-K Evo



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