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Novitec Rosso’s Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is here!

By Adrian Prisca


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Guess what? Novitec Rosso have recently tested a tweaked out Ferrari F12 Berlinetta on a highway in Germany and the car has reportedly reached a breathtaking top speed of 211 mph (340 km/h). Novitec Rosso’s package is actually the first tuning package to be made for the most powerful road legal car ever manufactured by Ferrari. Now let’s see some more details about this supercar.

The performance boost involves 23 HP, from the stock 740 HP (545 kW) to a bit more respectable 763 HP (561 kW), while the torque has been lifted from 690 Nm (509 lb-ft) to 703 Nm (518 lb-ft). According to the tuner, their Ferrari is able to reach a top speed in excess of 213 mph (345 km/h).  We got no reasons to doubt it, as the car has almost achieved that number on a public road.

Furthermore, it runs on brand new wheels measuring 21 inches in diameter at the front and 22 inches at the rear. They are in turn shod in  high performance Pirelli rubbers. As for the ride, it has been lowered by 40 mm, but the Ferrari can also be equipped with a lifting system that can raise the front axle by 40 mm.

As a finishing touch, the guys at Novitec Rosso have also said they’re working on a custom aerodynamic kit for the car as well as on a more potent engine upgrade. Can’t wait!


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