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New 88m and 145m superyacht designs from Fincantieri

Built to highlight Fincantieri Yachts’ object of building extravagant 70-90 meter long vessels, the Virage 88 concept was presented at the recent Monaco Yacht Show. This was one of the two yacht projects presented, the other being the Fortissimo. The last one mentioned comes out of the world’s economical restraints and will simply be based on speed and luxury. With the help of the world-renowned yacht designer Ken Freivokh, the 145-meter-long 35-knot super-vessel was finalized on paper.

For the other project, the Virage 88, Andrew Winch was summoned. Having projected the “yacht of the future”, he simply drew a work of art, with soft shapes and beautiful flowing lines, a “sculpture” as he calls it. Of course, this will require the hands of the most accurate and experienced yacht builders in the world, because the level of detail will be absolutely astonishing.

They shall use their tools to create a symbol: “a relaxed and calming environment for guests to enjoy”. These designs simply look marvelous on the monitor. We’d call these two wonders “well spent money”.



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