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Mulder Design Imagines a new 72-Meter Superyacht Concept

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Mulder Design

It seems the brilliant team from¬†Mulder Design¬†has been extremely¬†busy lately, and here is the stunning proof of that: a new 72-meter superyacht concept, meant to impress every single one of us. Introduced at this year’s¬†Monaco Yacht Show, this cool vessel¬†shows off specific¬†Mulder Design features,¬†such as¬†an¬†imposing profile, smooth lines and an elegant vibe about itself.

We don’t even dare to think about the price-tag of such a vessel, but I’m sure we can all agree the Dutch designers have done it again!¬†With up to¬†12 guests¬†ready to¬†be accommodated on-board,¬†the superyacht‚Äôs design is centered around social areas, entertainment and fun times –¬†who could say that doesn’t sound appealing?

Mulder Design

Mulder’s new¬†72-meter superyacht concept comes with a¬†spacious 12.5-meter beach club, that might be a good place to enjoy¬†once you’re aboard, with¬†a lovely sunbathing area and an al-fresco dining location that would be probably customized by the next owner of this beauty.

The concept was¬†actually¬†designed to be owner-oriented,¬†with¬†the owner‚Äôs personality and style¬†influencing every small touch and decoration piece on board. Every single cabin will provide¬†stunning panoramic views, but the owner‚Äôs suite on the upper deck will be better than all, even though that’s¬†a private treat.

Mulder Design can¬†apparently¬†build this superyacht¬†with a high speed cruising hull or as a traditional displacement vessel, and that’s not really an easy decision to make. Any thoughts?

Mulder Design

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