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The Midual Type 1 Luxury Motorbike Set to Be Released in 2016

By Brody Patterson


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French motorcycle manufacturer Midual has announced the release of new high-end bike aimed not so much at adrenaline junkies, but at those seeking a stylish and luxurious ride.

The Midual Type 1 comes with a 1036 cc flat-twin engine which outputs 104 hp and 100 Nm (73 lbs-ft) of torque. An aluminum monocoque frame holds the fuel, while the suspension comes from Öhlins: 43 mm FGRT forks and a TTX 36 shock. Also worth noting is the fact the engine is a liquid-cooled, longitudinally mounted boxer twin, while the chassis was created by a French aerospace foundry and is the product of thousands of hours of design and development.

As we’ve mentioned in the beginning, the new motorcycle seems comfortable and easy to ride and thus suitable for the more casual rider with deep pockets. How deep? Well, the Midual is priced at a cool $185,000, which is about as much as a luxurious and exclusive car. We’re certain there will be plenty of people willing to shell out that hefty sum, especially since there’s plenty of time to save the money, as deliveries are set to begin in 2016.

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