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Meet the World’s First Bitcoin Watch: The Encrypto by Franck Muller

By Thom Esveld


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Franck Muller Encrypto

Encrypto, the first functional bitcoin watch the world has ever seen, has recently been launched by the acclaimed Swiss luxury watchmaker Franck Muller. The watch is a limited edition timepiece produced in just 500 units and will be available for purchase at the Dubai Mall store, from Regal Assets or online.

The Franck Muller Encrypto features a superb dial designed with the QR code used by Satoshi’s Genesis Block address. The public wallet address with its QR code is laser etched and displayed on the polished frame, as part of the Deep Cold Storage set, which also includes a sealed USB containing the private key.

The owner of the watch has the possibility to check their Bitcoin balance directly through the dial and even deposit BTC in their personal safe or deep cold storage vault by simply scanning the QR code.

Franck Muller Encrypto 1

The cold storage system and the QR code of the Encrypto were specially designed for this timepiece by Regal Assets, which is the first crypto investment company that received a government issued license for crypto trading in its deep cold storage vault. The company is present in the US, Canada, UK and the UAE.

In terms of security of the assets, the cold storage of the Encrypto uses offline generated, non-deterministic TRNGs (True Random Numbers Generated), which are impossible to hack. The price for an Encrypto watch starts from $9,800 and it could go all the way up to $50,600 if you’d like to purchase a diamond-encrusted version.

The pioneer luxury watchmaker is apparently working on other crypto-themed models that would support other cryptocurrencies too.


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