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Meet AKOYA – A new Incredible Amphibious Skyplane


Featuring a sleek design and a host of refinements for those of you who love to travel and explore new places in style, AKOYA is a brand new two-person amphibious plane, ready to tackle almost everything. Developed by the French aviation expert Lisa Airplanes, this innovative aircraft can take off and land on land, water, and even on snow, and better yet, its folding wings make it a transportable asset.

This is the only airplane in the world with hydrofoils, these patented ‘seafoils’ allowing it to quickly lift its fuselage out of the water, and also to benefit from increased stability during take-off acceleration. Unexpected destinations might become a lot more accessible than before, considering this light aircraft packs skis fixed on its retractable landing gear.


The AKOYA amphibious skyplane offers the pilot a welcoming environment, but the passengers have nothing to complain about either. The unique curve of the airplane’s seats is adjustable and has been specially designed to fit all your needs, in optimum and comfortable conditions.

Furthermore, the electric canopy of the airplane comes with a quick release system, just in case you might need that. But don’t worry about this right now; instead, just daydream about your favorite destination and the enjoyable flight that will take you there.



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