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Lumisidus Probably Revealed The Ultimate Watch Winder

By Victor Baker


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Lumisidus Watch Winder

Germany-based company Lumisidus has taken the world by storm with their latest project: an amazing Watch Winter which features an impressive design and more high tech materials than ever thought possible. Solid carbon rings and the Lumisidus metal gear “Swiss Made” motor make this technological wonder, that be perfect for any true watch aficionado.

Priced at a staggering €34,990, the Lumisidus Watch Winder features 24k gold plating and it’s able to keep 11 automatic watches wound up and ready for use, displayed behind a crystal glass and illuminated by individual LED lights.

Future owners of this stunning watch winder will be able to choose any color they like for the LED Smoky Crystal Quartz pedestal and they’ll also be able to control its colors from the special Lumisidus Watch Winder app.

Lumisidus Watch Winder

The German company didn’t want to make things too complicated for watch lovers, that’s why the watches are wound up by a harmonic movement, while the number of rotations per day can be set up right from the smartphone app. Minimum intervention is required for properly adjusting the Lumisidus Watch Winder, which sounds great, right?

It’s all based on a simple concept, really. The Lumisidus features those housing cylinders, which roll over each other, thus keeping each other in motion – the central cylinder, however, has to be driven. In order for the entire device to function, absolute precision in the manufacturing of these cylinders was a must. Incredible, isn’t it?

Lumisidus Watch Winder

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