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Compass Box Taxes A Shot At Luxury Whisky

By Victor Baker


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Compass Box

Scotland’s leading independent whisky maker Compass Box is celebrating its 15th anniversary in a wicked way. The brand has just introduced a drink meant to question the very definition of “luxury” spirits, inspired by the work and talent of painter René Magritte.

Oddly named “This is not a Luxury Whisky”, this exquisite booze will be available in a limited edition only and will set you back $225 per bottle.

Compass Box aims at making whisky drinkers question every sip they’ve ever had, challenging people’s perceptions about what represents a truly luxurious whisky. Recent years have seen the Scotch industry reaching towards super-premium releases, status symbols to be displayed and traded, rather than fine drinks you could actually enjoy.

Compass Box

‘This Is Not a Luxury Whisky’ will be available across Europe starting October 15th 2015, and in the US from 12th November. Bottled at natural cask strength 53.1% ABV, only 4,992 bottles of this exquisite drink will be available for puchasing.

Four different “parcels” of whisky were used in its creation: a 19-year-old malt whisky from the Glen Ord distillery, two separate parcels of 40-year-old grain distilled at Girvan and Strathclyde, alongside a portion of precious 30 year-old malt whisky from the Caol Ila distillery.

Compass Box spent hours and hours working on the resulting blend: an opulent, lingering drink, bottled at natural cask strength so people can experience the full concentration of the whisky’s flavors. In addition to this special whisky, the brand is also releasing the much-anticipated fifth edition of its cult classic ‘Flaming Heart’ spirit – an amped-up version of its trademark combination.

Bottled at 48.9% ABV, a total of 12,060 bottles of Flaming Heart will be available in Europe and in the US  at £100 / $150 SRP. Have a drink on me!

Compass Box

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