Lumen superyacht project by Adam Voorhees

Following a series of yacht and superyacht concepts, Adam Voorhees has now come up with a gorgeous project he’s dubbed Lumen. Apart from its name being related to tubes, this 92-meter “wannabe” superyacht is reportedly aimed to better mix up private and common spaces, both of them being fully organizable and programmable by the owner. These are all meant to create the perfect atmosphere upon the waves.

The design of the Lumen relies on a programmatic layout defined by the twin monolithical structures juxtaposed against the fluid the vessel travels on and its waves. These two towers are great sources of thrill and drama as well, scaling perfectly to the size of the superyacht. Quite a lot of attention was also paid to the transition between the exterior and interior atmospheres.

Aimed to ensure great privacy and to stick to the sea, the Lumen is the possessor of many formal and informal spaces throughout its multiple levels. The grand saloon is connected across the upper and main deck through staircase and double height entrance. In addition, the central lobby is placed around a massive, open atrium which extends through all decks. Ample amounts of light as able to protrude inside this thanks to the glass bottom of the spa above. And the glass-walled pool penetrates the main deck, providing a staggering backdrop for the expansive beach club and the array of spa facilities. The Lumen also houses a fully enclosed helicopter hangar, easily accessible from the lavish suite of the owner.