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Look Cool and Contribute to a Good Cause with LSTN’s Troubadours Headphones

By Brody Patterson


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From the very beginning, LSTN Headphones lets you know they’re not only about providing audio equipment for those who can hear, but also want to help those who don’t have this ability regain it. Their motto is “Buy Headphones, Give Hearing”, which means for every pair you buy, a person in need gets their hearing restored through the help of the Starkey Hearing Foundation.

The headphones are available in beech, cherry, ebony, and zebra wood. This definitely gives the pieces a more luxurious look and there’s also some sense of exclusivity: since all pairs are handcrafted, the wood grain is different every time and no two pairs are exactly alike.

The ear pads are pretty comfortable and don’t let a lot of sound escape, while at the same time drowning out the background noise. In technical terms, the Troubadours have a frequency range from 18Hz to 22KHz, a sensitivity of 101+/-3dB at 1KHz1mW, a 32 Ohm impedance, and a rated input power of 30mW (the max is 50mW).

LSTN’s Troubadours are $150 a pair, which is quite reasonable when you consider the fact that for the money you’re getting a cool-looking set of headphones, as well as that great feeling of knowing you’re helped someone improve their life significantly.


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